Professional Onboarding Overview


VBOUT provides personalized training and onboarding to help you find success on the platform and get your marketing automation up and running. It includes seven training sessions on how to use each area of the platform as well as consultative approach on industry best practices and latest trends.

The program also helps you migrate your content from other platforms to VBOUT and import any relevant assets, such as landing pages, email templates, contact lists and more.

VBOUT onboarding comes with unlimited technical support, product tutorials, educational resources and help sections to complement your continued success.

VBOUT' s Onboarding Overview

Onboarding & Training


Onboarding & Training Checklist



Connecting . Setup . System Overview – 1.5 hrs

  • Verifying domain sender (Domain DNS panel required)
  • Activating white label option for landing pages (Domain DNS panel required)
  • Installing tracking code on website
  • Setting up team member access and permissions
  • Configuring browser push (Optional)
  • Installing task board addon (Optional)
  • Overview of spam compliance laws and regulations



Data Architecture. Data Flow . Lead Scoring – 1.5 hrs

  • PRESENTATION: Lead scoring framework and exercise sheet
  • Understand lists, forms and field management
  • Overview of form embed options
  • Managing contacts and lead activity feed
  • Setting up lead scoring and best practices by industry
  • Creating account goals and KPI’s



Automation . Workflows . Funnels – 1.5 hrs

  • PRESENTATION: Marketing automation funnels
  • Introductions to triggers, actions and filters
  • Workflow configurations and multi-workflow options
  • Testing and limitations
  • Automation’s tricks, best practices and common uses



Email Marketing . Templating – 1.5 hrs

  • PRESENTATION: Email marketing best practices
  • Campaign settings: AB testing, chunk sending
  • Understand IP and reputation warmup
  • Email personalization
  • Visual template builder and available design elements
  • Email reporting



Social Media . Posting and Listening – 1.5 hrs

  • Overview of the VBOUT post scheduler with custom posting and mass import
  • Asset management and content library
  • Using social media groups and social inbox
  • Social listening
  • Collaborating on social media moderation



Landing Pages . Best Practices – 1.5 hrs

  • PRESENTATION: Creating landing pages that convert
  • Landing page settings and design options
  • Controlling styles, settings and personalization options
  • Form integration and content filtering
  • Analyzing performance, analytics and heatmaps




Pipeline Manager . Reporting . Collaboration – 1hr

  • Analyze performance and progress
  • Discuss challenges, efficiencies
  • Task management (optional)
  • Learn dashboard reporting
  • Sharing and personalizing reports

Meet the Success Team

Richard Fallah


MarTech evangelist, advocate of empathy and self awareness, lover of all things consciousness.

Brooks Van Norman

Success Manager

Direct response marketing evangelist, animal welfare advocate, outdoor enthusiast.

Nicole Abdallah

Technical Support Engineer

Problem-solver, social media buff, sports freak, optimist, professional chocolate nerd.

Ryan Bogaardt

Success Manager

Senior sales and marketing professional who enjoys living a balanced life.

Mood Rajab

Technical Support Engineer

Problem solver, total movies expert, web lover, gamer, award winning wine expert.

Aref Yamak

Customer Support Manager


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